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Skydiving! L to R: Sharky, Lemur, Elephant, Peacock, Penguin, Chipmunk


We call ourselves “The Zoo” because we have animal onesies. This started a few years ago when some of the graduate students realized just how comfortable they are. Now, each of us has a onesie and we are each a different animal.

We have been known to wear them to lab trips, dinners, and even just around town. However, there is also a special tradition related to these animals. Whenever a PhD student graduates, we go on a outing/event that the graduating student chooses. The only requirement is that we all wear our animal onesies where we go. In summer of 2018 we jumped out of a plane together and admittedly another year we went bungee jumping, but other times we have done sedate events like miniature golf, car racing, going to an arcade, beaching, and visiting to a Tiki room. We often pair whatever we do with eating large amounts of Chinese food. It remains to be seen what will happen each year!

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