For Families

lab undergraduates present their research at the CADDRA conference

Thank you for your interest in our research about social behaviours in children and adolescents with ADHD. We could not conduct the work that we do without the generous support of the families in the lower mainland.


We are enrolling children in grades 1-4 in Canada for a 30-minute, online study. We ask that each child participate with one parent. It is ok if the children either have or do not have ADHD for this study. Children and parents will watch animated videos about a teacher interacting with students in different ways, and will be asked questions about why they think the teachers are doing these practices. Families will receive a $20 CAD gift card to Please click the link here to sign up. 


At the moment, we are not enrolling any participants for studies specific to ADHD. We expect that this will change in the future, however. If you have a child with suspected or diagnosed ADHD and you would like to be informed about any future studies in which your family may be able to participate, please complete the form below and we will enter you into our database. Note that we will never give or sell your name to anyone else, and we will only contact you if we have a study in the future for which you may be eligible. At that time we would tell you about the study and you would be free to decide whether or not you actually wanted to participate. You are also free to remove your name from our database at any point.